Hi, I’m Ulrich Kerzel and am Professor for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at IU International University of Applied Sciences, where I am the director of the Master in Artificial Intelligence.

My current research is focused on AI in materials research in cooperation with IMM RWTH Aaachen, helping companies to create value using AI and am part of the research group AI in education at IUBH. Recently, we have started a new project about digitalization in education EduC Kompass Digitale Bildung

Before joininig IUBH I was with

  • Blue Yonder where I was head of the Data Science Academy, lead the machine learning development team and lead and worked on various customer projects.
  • CERN As a Research Fellow, I worked on the trigger for the LHCb experiment and searched for new physics in the decay of B_s mesons decaying into two kaons.
  • Cavendish HEP group where I worked on the RICH detector for the LHCb and searched for new physics in the decay of B_s mesons decaying into two kaons.
  • Magdalene College in Cambridge where I was a Senior Research Fellow.
  • Trinity Hall in Cambridge where I was a postdoctoral research associate.
  • Institut für Experimentelle Teilchenphysik at KIT where I did my PhD in particle physics and my undergraduate studies at KIT. My PhD thesis was focused on two topics: Grid Computing and finding out more about the then newly discovered particle X(3872). Grid computing is, in a way, the academic predecessor to machine learning in the cloud such as Google cloud compute, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and others but tailored towards fundamental research. Around the year 2000, we already had peta-bytes of data that needed to be analyzed on a global scale in computing facilities distributed around the world. I was part of the part of the project SAM at FermiLab near Chicago and we developed a global system to handle this massive amout of data so that we could for example run neural networks on the experimental data around the globe to learn more about the fundamental particles in the universe.